Dr. Anirban Samanta

Total Experience 4 year

Educational Qualification : PhD

Research Area Design and synthesis of novel heterocycles, Studies of small molecules for specific kinases, Synthesis of modification nucleosides. Metal binding of modified DNA.

General information
Designation Scientist-B
Office Phone 079-27439375, +91 95373 24437
Email anirban@perdcentre.com , asamanta08@gmail.com

Brief about you

Dr. Anirban Samanta is working at B.V. Patel Pharmaceutical Education and Research Development (PERD) Centre since August 2013. After completing his M.Sc. form Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, he had enrolled for PhD programme at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur under the guidance of Prof. Tanmaya Pathak and Prof. Swagata Dasgupta. There he got experience of synthesizing modified nucleosides designed for inhibition of RNase A. After obtaining his PhD degree in 2010, he went to Kanagawa University, Japan for one year as a post-doctoral fellow. In Japan, he was working under Prof. Akira Ono on elucidating metal ion binding property of modified DNA duplex. Coming Back to India, he joined Dr. H. V. Thulasiram’s lab at CSIR-NCL, Pune as Project Assistant-IV to synthesize modified terpenes, mainly fluorinated one. After a short stay at CSIR-NCL, Pune, he joined the current institute as Scientist-B.

Current Activities

Currently, Dr. Samanta is synthesizing heterocycles, such as thiophene and thiazole derivatives having specific enzymatic activity. In another project, he is engaged in modifying certain tricyclic 7-azaindole derivatives which are effective as epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) kinase inhibitors for the treatment of non-small cell lung carcinomas (NSCLC).

Research 4 years
Teaching 1 years
Industry -
Website www.perdcentre.com
Membership -
Specialization Areas: Design and synthesis of therapeutically important small organic molecules.
Subject Taught UG: -
Subject Taught PG: Enzyme Kinetics, Nucleic acids, Principles of synthetic planning, Organometallics, Conformational analysis and stereochemistry
Institute / Organization Designation Duration
CSIR-NCL, Pune Project Assistant-IV Six months
Kanagawa University, Japan Post-Doctoral Fellow One year

A. International Journal :

Sr. No. Title ISSN/ISBN No. Journal / Publisher Volume Year
1. Synthesis of 5'-carboxymethylsulfonyl-5'-deoxyribonucleosides under mild hydrolytic conditions: a new class of acidic nucleosides as inhibitors of ribonuclease A 2046-2069 RSC Adv 4, 2214–2218 2014
2. 3'-Oxo-, amino-, thio- and sulfone-acetic acid modified thymines: Effect of increased acidity on ribonuclease A inhibition 0968-0896 Bioorg. Med. Chem. 21, 4634–4645 2013
3. 5'-Modified pyrimidine nucleosides as inhibitors of ribonuclease A 0968-0896 Bioorg. Med. Chem. 19, 2478–2484 2011
4. Morpholino, piperidino, and pyrrolidino derivatives of pyrimidine nucleosides as inhibitors of Ribonuclease A: synthesis, biochemical and crystallographic evaluation 1520-4804 J. Med. Chem. 52, 932–942 2009
5. The interaction of Silibinin with Human serum albumin: A spectroscopic investigation 1010-6030 J. Photochem. Photobiol. A 14, 6055–6064 2007
6. The binding of 3'-N-piperidine-4-carboxyl-3'-deoxy-ara-uridine to ribonuclease A in the crystal 0968-0896 Bioorg. Med. Chem. 194, 297–307 2006
Degree/Certificate Specialization Institute/University Passing Year
PhD Chemistry IIT-Kharagpur 2010
M.Sc. Chemistry (Organic Specialization) Vidyasagar University 2002
B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons), Physics, Mathematics. Vidyasagar University 2000
Activity Type Activity Title Place Date Faculty Role
Hands on workshops Computer aided drug design and pk/pd modelling B V Patel PERD Centre, Ahmedabad 7 & 8 August, 2014 Workshop Coordinators
Workshop Impurity Profiling and its Applications B V Patel PERD Centre, Ahmedabad 21 & 22 September, 2013 Workshop Coordinators

A. Government Project

Sr. No. Fund Type Agency Start Date Duration Principal Investigator
External Funding DST-SERB   3 years Dr. Anirban Samanta