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PERD Centre has nurtured various start-up companies & entrepreneurs so as to assist them develop new product or a service or a concept in the area of Pharmaceutics or Life Sciences, into a marketable commodity. Such sharing of the infrastructure & facilities at PERD Centre are undertaken as part of incubator facility, which was initiated in 2006.

With the aim of providing offices, well-equipped laboratory space and state-of-art facilities to more start-up companies & entrepreneurs, PERD Centre received financial support from DBT-BIRAC to set up bioincubator facility specifically for biotechnology based innovations.

In recent past, PERD Centre’s existing incubation facility has benefitted many start-up companies like ACTON Biotech, Amrita Therapeutics, AXIO Biosolutions, etc. Many companies such as Skyquest, Western Range Biopharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., etc. have inquired about incubator facilities available at PERD Centre.


  • To support biotech innovators to become entrepreneur
  • To provide easy entry and exit from the in the scheme
  • To provide networking support to startups
  • To provide a research ambience and expert services
  • To support innovators and startups with skilled human resources


The incubator has seven corporate-styled office spaces, wet lab spaces, clean rooms (BSL-2) and state-of-art instrumentation facility for genomics, proteomics and imaging like Biosafety cabinets, CO2 incubators, Fluorescence microscope, Inverted microscope, PCR, Real time PCR, ChemiDoc, 2-DIGE, FPLC, FACS, Refrigerated shaker, Refrigerated centrifuge, Deep freezer, LN2, etc.

Other common facilities like meeting room, high speed internet, parking space, security, stabilized and UPS power connections are also available for the incubatees.

PERD advantage

  • Excellent ambience for research
  • Well equipped laboratories and research facilities
  • Well stocked and spacious library
  • Seminar hall and auditorium
  • Expert Services of scientific and technical personnel
  • Advisory services and mentoring to incubatees
  • Assistance in IPR, venture funds
  • Networking of industry, academia and suppliers
  • Approvals from IBSC, IAEC, etc.