Business with PERD

Established in 1990, the PERD Centre is one of the leading multidisciplinary research centre based in the Gujarat in the field Pharmaceuticals. We have developed a growing national/international reputation, based on an extensive portfolio of research and consultancy, both in of small business and entrepreneurship in India and overseas. Most of the current research and recently completed projects are undertaken by the Centre are either Government or Industry sponsored. We are also home to the SMEs, various incubations and entrepreneurship.

Conducting interdisciplinary research, innovation and excellence in pharmaceutical & allied sciences, the PERD Centre is a platform for overall pharmaceutical research and development in the Ahmedabad.

Industrial Services


The department is involved in various activities, including active involvement in industrial research projects. The key areas of research are:
  • Method development and validation on turn-key basis
  • Annual Instruments training workshops / Individual training on above instruments


Chemistry Services to Industries

  • Custom synthesis form mg to multigram scale for various compound libraries
  • Route scouting and product development for (SMEs)
  • Developmental work of drugs/dyes/fine chemicals intermediates
  • Impurity identification, characterization and synthesis of various APIs
  • API synthesis work
  • Synthesis of building blocks to assist drug discovery process
  • Intermediate synthesis
  • Process development of APIs
  • Synthesis of drug metabolites
  • Sybyl 6.9 (Tripos, Inc. USA) work station
  • Generation of new leads using 3D QSAR
  • 3D-QSAR and Molecular Docking facility is available with the department

Analytical Chemistry related Services to Industries

  • Analysis of New Chemical Entities and purification using HPLC
  • Stress degradation studies of APIs
  • Isolation and structural elucidation of degraded products
  • Identification and characterization of process related impurities present in APIs
  • Stress degradation studies of important natural products
  • Identification and characterization of process related unknown impurities
  • Analytical method development, validation and estimation of APIs


We provide various industrial services according to the pharmacopeial guidelines as follow:
  • Anti-bacterial activity
  • Anti-fungal activity
  • Anti-mycobacterial activity
  • Microbial load test
  • Microbial limit test
  • LAL testing
  • Micro dilution assay


  • Identification and Authentication of Plant/Plant Material
  • Macroscopic and microscopic examination of herbal drugs and polyherbal formulations
  • Qualitative and quantitaive analysis of steroids from herbal drugs and polyherbal formulations
  • Development of Quantitative standards, viz., Extractive values, Ash values, Fixed oil content, Loss on Drying
  • Development of Phytochemical Profiles (Fingerprint) using HPTLC,/HPLC/GC/GLC depending upon the nature of the sample
  • Isolation of Marker compounds using various techniques
  • Estimation/Quantification of Active /Marker compounds using HPTLC, HPLC, GLC, GC
  • Microbial Load Testing
  • Bioassay guided isolation of active compounds as antifungal leads
  • Authentication of herbal raw material using DNA fingerprint profile (molecular markers)
  • Development of tissue cultures of medicinally and economically important plants and consultation


  • Pharmacological Studies
  • Toxicity Studies
  • Pre-clinical Pharmacokinetic Studies

  • Consultancy

  • Design and development of expression vector for bacterial, mammalian and plant systems
  • In Vitro cytotoxicity assay for various pharmaceutical drugs


  • All Facility for solid oral dosage form development starting from dispensing, sifting, mixing granulation, drying, compression to coating are available
  • Similarly facility for permeation studies especially for patches, Nano particulate formulation development and estimation, analytical method development, validation, and stability are also provided to industry
  • Details of all the equipments and machinery are given in the facility section which can be given to small scale industries for their work