Dr. Priti Desai

Total Experience 16 years

Department: Cell and Molecular Biology

General information
Total Experience 16 Years
Educational Qualification M.Sc. (Biochemistry) PhD (Biochemistry)
Research Area Mucosal Vaccine, DNA vaccine, Epitope based vaccine and expression of biotherapeutics
Designation Scientist-B
Office Phone 079-27439375
Email priti@perdcentre.com, preetindesai79@gmail.com

Brief about you

Priti Desai has total 16 years research experience. She has awarded Ph.D.from Bhavanagar University in December 2009. Before joining PERD centre she has worked in cadila pharmaceuticals ltd., Ahmedabad for 1 year. She was awarded DBT-Research Associate ship to work in NIPER-Ahmedabad for 2 years. She has joined PERD centre as a faculty from March 2012. She is a life member of Indian immunology society and the Indian science congress association. Her research area focuses on the vaccine development and immunotherapy against enteric pathogens such as Shigella, Salmonellaand ETEC.

Current Activities

Priti Desai’s current research interest includes development of cost effective vaccine against enteric pathogens by using different approaches like oral mucosal, DNA based vaccine and epitope based vaccine. Vaccine is one of the best approaches to fight against multidrug resistance pathogens. Enteric pathogens remain the major disease burden in developing and underdeveloped countries like India and responsible for high morbidity and mortality among young children. Our research work is currently funded by Indian Institute of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, India

Research 16 years
Teaching 7 years
Industry 1 year
Website www.perdcentre.com
Membership Life Membership of Indian Immunology societyndian Immunology society
  Life Membership of The Indian Science Congress Assoication
Googel Search https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=fn6FG6EAAAAJ
Specialization Areas: Vaccine and Biotherapeutics
Subject Taught UG: -
Subject Taught PG: Cell biology, Molecular biology, r-DNA technology, Immunology, Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical sciences
Institute / Organization Designation Durations
B.V. Patel PERD Centre, Ahmedabad Scientist-B 2012 to Present
NIPER- Ahmedabad Post Doctoral Fellow December 2009 to February 2012
B.V. Patel PERD Centre, Ahmedabad Post Doctoral Fellow July 2009 to November 2009
B. V. Patel PERD Centre, Ahmedabad Ph. D scholar February 2003 to March 2009
Biotech Department, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd Research Executive January 2002 to January 2003

A. International

Sr. No. Title ISSN / ISBN No Journal / Publisher Volume Year
Dual recombinant Lactococcus lactis for enhanced delivery of DNA vaccine reporter plasmid pPERDBY*This article is featured in the cover page of the journal 1348-0421 Microbiology and Immunology, IF. Willey 61(3-4), 123-129 2017
Immunization with r‐Lactococcus lactis expressing outer membrane protein A of Shigella dysenteriae type‐1: evaluation of oral and intranasal route of administration.  1365-2672 Journal of Applied Microbiology Willey IF-2.15 122(2) 493-505 2017
Shigellosis murine model established by intraperitoneal and intranasal route of administration: A comparative comprehension overview * This article was selected as highlighted article and made free acess for 6 months from the date of publication 1286-4579 Microbes and Infection.Elsevier IF. 2.29 19(1),47-54 2017
Immunoinformatic identification of potential epitopes against Shigellosis 1573-3904 International Journal of Peptide Research and TherapeuticsSpringer IF. 1.1 22(4), 481-495 2016
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Factors affecting inducible expression of outer membrane protein A (OmpA) of Shigella dysenteriae type-1 in Lactococcus lactis using Nisin Inducible Controlled Expression (NICE) 0973-7715 Indian Journal of Microbiology Springer IF. 1.29 Jan-Mar 2016. 56(1): 80-87 2016
The shRNA-mediated silencing of VEGF-C illustrates its role in proliferation, chemosensitization, tumor colonization, and anchorage independence. Journal of Biotechnology, Computational Biology and Bionanotechnology 08607796 Journal of Biotechnology, Computational Biology and Bionanotechnology, Index Copernicus International 96(3) C pp. 225-233 2015
Strain Specific agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of bacopa monnieri 1687-157X Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Elsevier 12(2) 89–94 2014
Production of heterologous proteins in plants: Strategies for optimal expression 0734-9750 Biotechnology Advances ElsevierIF. 9.8 (28) 427-435 2010

B. Awards & honours

Sr. No. Title
Awarded as Research Associate funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), New Delhi on July 2011
Selected to attend the Seattle-India Joint Research Training Program workshop on Advanced Technologies and Research Proposal Development, School of Life sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
Awarded from DBT-CTEP for “International Travel fellowship” to present the paper in 2nd International Conference on Clinical and Cellular Immunology held on Las Vegas from 15th to 17th October 2013.
Work was awarded for oral presentation “ Construction of new shuttle vector for DNA delivery using Lactococcus lactis: New perspective of genetic immunisation by Bhrugu Yagnik, Priti Desai and Harish Padh at 2nd International conference on Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, at Intenational Centre for Cancer, Stem cell and Biotechnology, Pune.

C. Book Chapter

Sr. No. Title ISSN / ISBN No Journal / Publisher Volume Year

Isolation and characterization of subcellular organelles from plant cells, in Plant Cells and their Organelles (eds W. V. Dashek and G. S. Miglani)

9780470976869 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, UK 25-41


Paper Presentation (Oral): International: 2

Poster Presentation : International: 8

Degree Subject Class Obtained University/Institute
Ph. D Biochemistry NA B.V. Patel PERD centre, Ahmedabad, Bhavanagar University
M. Sc. Biochemistry 1st Bio-Science Department, Sardar Patel University, Anand
B. Sc. Biochemistry 1st C. U. Shah Science Collage, Ahmedabad, Gujarat University
Activity Type Activity Title Place Date Faculty Role
CE Workshop Mammalian Cell Culture Workshop Ahmedabad - coordinator
CE workshop Molecular Biology Ahmedabad - coordinator
CE workshop Proteomic Workshop Ahmedabad Jan-14 coordinator
6th International S 6th International symposium in innovation in pharmaceutical sciences Ahmedabad Nov-12 Member of organizing committee

Invited Lectures /Guest Lectures

  • Mucosal Vaccine against diarrheal disease, delivered at Marvwadi university, Rajkot on 26th April 2017.
  • Exploring new era of vaccine development against Shigella, delivered 6th Indo-Japanese International Symposium on Overcoming intractable infectious disease prevalent in Asian countries at Goa, 23rd &24th September 2016.
  • Mucosal vaccine against diarrheal disease delivered at IIAR, Gandhinagar  on 29th April 2016 on occasion of world Immunology day celebration.
  • Global scenario of Biopharmaceuticals: Where do we stand?, delivered at 3rd National Conference on Pharma & Allied Industry – “PHARMA- CONFEX 2016”, held on April 8 – 9, 2016  at J. B. Auditorium , AMA, Ahmedabad.
  • Mucosal Vaccine against diarrheal disease, delivered at B.V. Patel PERD centre, Ahmedabad on 29th April 2015 on occasion of World Immunology day celebration.
  • Vaccine In Today’s Scenario,delivered at St. Xavier's College, Ahmedabad on 1st August 2015 as a part of diamond jubilee celebration.

Visiting Faculty

Biochemistry department, Gujarat University(2012-13)

Biochemistry department , Gujarat University (Jan 2017-March 2017)


Lifetime member of Indian Immunology Society

Lifetime member of The Indian Science Congress Association


BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

FEMES Microbiology Letter

Microbial Cell Factories

African Journal of Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical development technology

Editorial Board Member

Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicological Studies

A. Government Sponsored Projects

Sr. No. Fund Type Agency Start Date Duration Principal Investigator
External Funding Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) 2012 3 years Co-investigator
Research Associateship DBT 2010 2 years Principal Investigator

B. Conference/ Workshop/ Seminar Organised

Sr. No. Title
Hands on Mammalian Cell Culture Workshop ( Annually organised in B. V. Patel PERD centre)
Hands on Molecular Biology Workshop ( Annually organised in B. V. Patel PERD centre)
Hands on Proteomic Workshop (Organised in January 2014)
6th International symposium in innovation in pharmaceutical sciences (November 2012)
World Immunology day celebration supported by Indian Immunology Society on 29th April 2015