Cell and Molecular Biology

Current Research Focus

  • 1. Vaccine against enteric pathogens

      Vaccine against enteric pathogens such as Shigella and Salmonilla by using different approaches such as
    • a. Delivery of anitgen at the different mucosal site by using food grade bacteria
    • b. DNA based vaccine
    • c. Peptide Epitope based vaccine

    2. Expression of biotherapeutic proteins in bacterial and mammalian expression system

    • a. Antigen expression in E.coli BL21 and L.lactis
    • b. EGFP expression in CHO cells and L.lactis
    • c. hEPO expression in CHO cells

    3. Cell Based Assay

    • a. Serum Bactericidal Activity
    • b. Bacteriocidal and Bacteriostatic assay
    • c. Drug uptake assay using various cell line
    • d. Drug permeability assay using Caco-2 cell line

    Research work done in the past by the group

  • 1. Endocytosis and its application

    • a. Isolation and Characteristion of endorytic "organelles"
    • b. Electromagnetic purification and characterization of endosomes from mammalian cells
    • c. Mechanism of gene transfer in eukaryotic cells through endocytosis

    2. Cancer Therapy

    • a. Targeted induction of apoptosis in lung cancer cells
    • b. Modulation of transcription and translation factors as therapy against lung cancer
    • c. Cancer cell metabolism and stemness factors
    • d. Drug Delivery and Drug targeting "in to cancer" cell using Therapeutic Nanoparticles

    3. Genetic variation and its association with complex diseases

    • a. CNV Genetic Variations in Indian population: Implication for Health
    • b. Molecular Biomarkers for Cancer Chemotherapy in Indian Population
    • c. Infectious Diseases and Genetic Polymorphism in Indian Population

    Lab Group Photograph

  • Ph.D. Students

    Mr. Bhrugu Yagnik
    Lady Tata Memorial Fellow
    Ms. Drashya
    Mr. Ashish Bhatt
    Research Scholar
    Ms. ShivaniYadav
    Research Scholar


    Dr. Sonia Guha
    Staff Scientist,
    Department of Ophthalmology,
    University of California,
    Los Angeles
    Dr. Bhavesh Vats
    Mylan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
    Hydrabad India
    Dr. Neelam Chauhan
    Assistant Professor
    Dr. Priti Desai
    Cell and Molecular Biology lab,
    B.V. Patel PERD centre
    Dr. Nidhi Vats
    Dr. Milee Agarwal
    Department of Pharmacology,
    B.V. Patel PERD centre
    Dr. Dipali Dhawan
    Team Leader- Medical Genetics
    Xcelris Labs Ltd.,
    Dr. Niraj Sakharani
    Research Officer
    Zydus Cadila
    Ms. Anuroopa Gupta
    Dr. Suhani Almal